My Story

I’m Herbie Allen and at 71 years old, I got one of the most unusual compliments of my life when a health care worker told me that I have “perfect poop.”

My wife was in the hospital and due to multiple rounds of antibiotics, she lacked good bacteria in her gut. She was very ill when her medical team suggested a Fecal Microbiota Transplant as a treatment plan. My wife, knowing that I have spent my life eating healthy, (avoiding processed sugars, red meat, and alcohol) requested that they test me first to see if I would qualify to be a donor. Well, not only did my tests all pass the requirements, I was deemed as being the guy with the PERFECT POOP! We successfully were able to heal my wife’s gut with this unusual but life changing scientific procedure.

We learned the importance of FMT and that Doctors have begun to test fecal transplants on people who have:

  • \Ulcerative colitis (UC)
  • \Crohn’s disease
  • \Cirrhosis
  • \Multiple sclerosis
  • \Depression
  • \Obesity
  • \Food allergies
  • \Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy
  • \And even autism and digestion related symptom

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle. This was a choice I made early on in life but it’s never to late to improve your lifestyle! I eat a well balanced diet of healthy fats such as almonds and fish, lots of leafy greens, low-fat dairy such as milk and yogurt, and take daily supplements like beet root & vitamin C.

While this lifestyle has allowed me to add years to my own life it was only recently I learned how it could add years to the lives of others. Since this discovery I have made it my mission to share this information with others. My hope is that my story will help individuals who may be looking to get healthier in their own life or know someone who could potentially benefit from FMT procedures.